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You'll see a lil' of my life, sneak peak of the latest fashion and some reviews about the online blogs which I found it interesting/ worth reading. This is not a blogshop. If you wish to get any of the items just click on http://prettylicious-babes.blogspot.com or any other links in the post itself.

As much as a seller, I'm a comsumer myself too! Should you worry that my review might be bias, and all I can say is that, I'm reviewing on my own point of view, nothing changes my point of view and hence, I view what I feeling to view and I say what I feel. Just me and reviews. Anyone who supports, here I express my highest gratitude! XOXO :)

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Advertising PROMO

Anyone who's interested please email to me following specified format :)
*please follow it strictly or else it will be ignored.
Title : Free Advertisement Space
Blog name :
Blog URL :
Blog Banner : (200 x200) **
**please format your banner to this size or else it will not be accepted. Thanks for co-operating! :)
Happy Advertising!
**All advertisements will start from 22nd January and lasts effective for one month ie. till 21st Feb. Following that advertisement rules will be upon discretion of admin.

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